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The Body Project

Backed by two decades of research and evaluation data, The Body Project gives high school and college-aged girls the tools and skills to confront unrealistic beauty ideals and engages them in the development of healthy body image. The program has repeatedly been shown to effectively reduce body dissatisfaction, negative mood, unhealthy dieting and disordered eating.

What is the Body Project? 

  • The Body Project is a group-based intervention program that provides a forum for young women who have internalized the beauty-ideal to critique it in verbal, written, and behavioral exercises.
  • A trained facilitator will lead the Body Project program to groups of six to eight girls for four one-hour (or six 45-minute) sessions.

What are the objectives of the Body Project?

  1. Define the “beauty” ideal and explore its origin
  2. Examine the costs of pursuing this ideal
  3. Explore ways to resist pressures to conform to unrealistic standards of beauty
  4. Discuss how to challenge personal body-related concerns
  5. Learn new ways to talk more positively about our bodies
  6. Talk about how we can best respond to future pressures to conform to societal standards of beauty

Why Is Body Acceptance Education Important? 

  • In the United States, 30 million people will struggle with an eating disorder at some point in their lives. 
  • Eating disorder and obesity prevention efforts should go hand in hand. Over half of teen girls engage in unhealthy weight control behaviors such as skipping meals, smoking or taking laxatives. Overweight girls are more likely than normal weight girls to engage in extreme dieting, increasing their risk of developing eating disorders. Girls who diet frequently are more than twelve times more likely to binge than girls who don’t diet.
  • Numerous studies have linked exposure to the thin ideal in mass media to body dissatisfaction and disordered eating among girls and women.

Resources for Body Project Alumnae

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