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3 Reasons to Love Your Skin

By DoMonique Osborn-My skin and I have a rocky relationship. I have weird divots in places where there aren't supposed to be divots. My skin changes color more than a topographical map. I have waaaaaaayyyyyy more stretch marks than is socially acceptable. My skin is a mess, basically.

So, sometimes I have to remind myself of why I should be thankful for my skin. Here are my top three reasons:

1. Skin is honest.

You know how we all want that one person in our lives who's completely honest with us? I’m talking about a friend who, when you ask, “Does this look good on me?” doesn't tell you, “Of course!” when they know you look ridiculous. Well, you already have that friend and it happens to be the largest organ on your body. Your skin is a direct reflection of your health. If you are dehydrated, sick, feverish, not getting enough sleep, not eating properly or any other number of ways we mistreat our bodies, your skin will tell you. There will be no sugarcoating it; all that you've done, or haven't done, will be etched onto you like a tattoo. Speaking of tattoos…

2. Scars are the original tattoos.

We all have that one scar that reminds us of some lesson we learned as a child. For me, it's the dent in my left thumb from cutting an apple incorrectly. Then there’s the scar on my knee, from falling on a toy when I was running around in an area I wasn’t supposed to be in. If tattoos are meant to remind you of important times in your life, then scars are the ultimate tattoos. They make you recall a moment when you learned something about yourself and the world around you. Maybe your scar reminds you to be careful in dangerous environments. Or maybe, it simply reminds you that you are here.

3. It’s all in the touch.

Skin is how we connect with each other. Skin to skin contact opens up a sense of recognition that only human vulnerability can build. What's more vulnerable than exposing your skin? It's your only armor, the only barrier between you and the earth’s harsh elements. Letting someone else touch your armor requires trust. So, when we shake hands or touch cheeks, we are really reestablishing the human link we all share, reminding ourselves that when it all comes down to it, we are one.

Whether or not you are pleased with the appearance of your skin, know that it's only trying to support you.  What might seem to be imperfections just come from your skin adapting for the sake of your well-being. Be appreciative, and always give your skin love.

About the blogger: DoMonique Osborn is a student and skincare rookie who refuses to smile in pictures.

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